The Most Important Thing About Auditioning

Welcome to our blog! For our first entry, we are giving away the biggest tip possible about auditioning for on-camera work, or any acting work. Ready?

Auditioning and acting are two different skills, and if you don’t audition well, you don’t get to act.

This was the motivation for starting our LAB two and a half years ago and except for an intimate 200 students, we are a well-kept industry secret. We have officially decided that we want to be the popular girls and are inviting you to the party.

Laura has been auditioning actors for 26 years, and I have been at it for 10. After seeing and appreciating what actors do in the room all this time, one would think that we’ve seen it all, but then someone comes in and does something truly memorable and blows us away with a simple performance choice that makes him or her stand out. We get to see what makes people talented firsthand. It’s what makes the job fun.

With the good and beautiful moments come some interesting adrenaline-based fails. We started to gather some of the common mistakes and wrote some curriculums to help actors get better at all types of auditioning, from self-taping, to commercial auditioning, to the particularities of the callback audition.

Here’s one tip: a lot of what makes someone good at auditioning is knowing how to use your social life experience to read a room. Is the casting director trying to chat with you to get to know you better? When do you quiet down and do the work? Do we shake hands? How do we stay in touch? Do I ask for another take because I didn’t like that one?

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers that come from a position no one else has in the industry. Come back to the site for more blog tips, and maybe check the calendar and join us for a LAB or two. You won’t be sorry.