When Do I Show Up?

I am sitting here doing some work and looking at a full lobby of actors. It is 2:46PM and my session starts at 3:00PM, one actor every ten minutes. Right now, technically, our lobby should contain an eager new intern and a water cooler. At 2:55PM, perhaps I should have one actor in the lobby.

This leads us to today’s topic: WHEN DO I SHOW UP? The answer is simple. Show up as close to the time your agent gave you as possible. We always give an exact time for every actor.

Our lobby is not the right place for you to do a full mental warm up for you to get ready to audition Our lobby is where you sit, five to seven minutes before your appointment, pull your sides out of your bag, run them once and wait for us to call you.

Particularly frequent offenders are parents with children who are auditioning. Listen, we totally get it. Maybe you drove from Jersey or Connecticut and are just relieved that you made it to the city on time, so you automatically come to our office, 45 minutes before your child’s appointment. This won’t help you in the end: our lobby is small, and you and your child will wait, which, in the end isn’t good for you or your child.

Coming too early, we have noticed, often causes a mental spiral within the mind of the actor. Time seems to stretch out. You may see too many other actors before or after you and start second guessing yourself. “How am I here when she’s here too? She’s totally going to get this part.”

Everyone has that right to have that same peaceful experience. Our schedules are designed with the actor in mind. Crowded lobbies make for lots of talking and noise. And upset or distracted actors make off audition choices.

Please understand that we are being anything but cold here. We want our office to feel warm and inviting, because we want you to audition well! We want you to have those five to seven minutes to tune out the hectic subway ride and to focus in on the job ahead of you.

Help us help you. Right on time is the way to go.