How to be camera ready.  Our first and most popular class. Auditioning for a movie or TV series can feel tricky. How big is too big for the Big Screen? How broad do you get for TV comedy? How intense should you be for a procedural? Your performance in the room needs to be expressive […]

30 Seconds of Fame:  The Small Spot With Big Rewards. There’s a common notion that commercial work is a career killer for the “serious” actor. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve often discovered talent from a commercial audition and brought them into our TV and film work. In fact, because commercial acting is much […]

“A ‘type’ is not a curse. It’s taking who you are and animating it, pushing it, knowing yourself.”

— Laura Rosenthal

Stand out on tape. Learn to record your best performance. True Story: We were asked to cast a TV series. An actor up for the role was filming in Florida and couldn’t make it to the auditions. Instead, he had to send in a tape from a dingy hotel room. One of the top film directors […]