Self-Tape Success

Stand out on tape. Learn to record your best performance.

True Story: We were asked to cast a TV series. An actor up for the role was filming in Florida and couldn’t make it to the auditions. Instead, he had to send in a tape from a dingy hotel room. One of the top film directors in the world was producing the TV show, and after seeing the actor’s taped audition, he cast him in his next feature  as well . Now the actor is a series regular on this new show.

 Like music, publishing, and everything else, the audition has gone digital. Your taped performance is becoming increasingly important to landing that role, and actors now need to do their best on camera in their living rooms, not just the casting office.

Self Tape Success is a three hour intensive, tailor-made curriculum focusing on how to make a recorded performance snap. Giving you critical advice from our experience viewing thousands of self-tapes, this workshop teaches you how to exude confidence on camera, and create a recorded audition that showcases your talent rather than unintentionally making you look like a super villain (unless, of course, that’s the part you are trying out for).

In this LAB:

1. Students bring in a taped audition and are given constructive criticism on how to improve both from a performance and technical perspective.

2. Using their head shots before class, we cast participants in a scene so they can get a sense of the marketing package they are presenting.

3. We will lead group discussions about what goes into a good audition tape, and then offer recommendations on the best and most affordable equipment you need, pointers on the right techniques and formatting that casting directors expect, and advice on how to expand contacts and treat your career like a business.

This class is designed to be engaging and relational — students leave their judgments at the door and study each other’s taped footage, learning from each other’s triumphs and mistakes while getting personalized advice.