Embracing Nerves


Nervous? Stop acting out, start acting.

Adrenaline makes people do some crazy things in an audition room. But despite what you think, casting directors actually don’t want you to be nervous when you are front of them.

Embracing Nerves is all about how to use your adrenaline to your benefit. Let’s change your energy.

Week One: Getting Physical.
Participants go right to the source of nervousness — the body — and learn how to harness all that stuff churning inside. Emily Cass McDonnell provides yoga-based relaxation and energy channeling techniques that can be employed at home, in the audition room, even while waiting in that unsettling lobby for your name to be called.



Week 2: A New Mindset.
Now we put those techniques to use. With instruction from Laura and Maribeth, students prepare and perform mock on-camera auditions. Here, participants get important and critical insights into how a casting director perceives them. We’ll examine the differences between anxiety and enthusiasm in the audition room and dig deep into the emotional and psychological aspects of nerves: where they come from, how they manifest, and how to make them our friends during the audition.