The TV/Film Experience

How to be camera ready.  Our first and most popular class.

Auditioning for a movie or TV series can feel tricky. How big is too big for the Big Screen? How broad do you get for TV comedy? How intense should you be for a procedural? Your performance in the room needs to be expressive yet subtle enough for the camera, finding just the right temperament for the genre you are auditioning for.

In this two session LAB, we teach the techniques you need to know for a successful film and TV audition: what it takes to make your performance pop and book the job.

Session One: Audition Prep
Students hit the ground running with pre-assigned sides based on your head shot. If you get the sides that seem right for you, we’ll discuss why. If you don’t seem to click with the material, we will figure out what it is about your presentation that isn’t conveying who you are. Next, we address the basic do’s and don’t’s of the audition room, how to prepare sides and research your role, and give insight on the special nuances you need to know for different genres.

Session Two: Audition Challenges
We teach you how to roll with the unpredictable elements of a typical film/TV audition. Students get advice on how to handle in-room challenges that may happen every day. Then they’ll try out new techniques firsthand with minimal prep time and surprising curveballs — just like a real audition.

The strength of this LAB is its close-knit, group dynamic. It’s designed to be a refuge, where actors can feel free to share their professional ups and downs while working and improving their skills.