The Commercial Audition

30 Seconds of Fame:  The Small Spot With Big Rewards.

There’s a common notion that commercial work is a career killer for the “serious” actor. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve often discovered talent from a commercial audition and brought them into our TV and film work. In fact, because commercial acting is much more of a diverse field, it is sometimes where we discover talent first. Booking commercials opens doors. You meet exciting young directors, sharpen your skills, gather crucial contacts, and, best of all, make some serious dough.

This LAB is all about the particular skills you need to learn for auditioning in the commercial field: how to set yourself apart, read the callback room, and hone your presentation.

In this LAB:

1. We’ll teach you how to know when to improv, how to audition in a group, and impart advice from several working actors who are friends’ of Laura Rosenthal Casting and are thriving in this business.

2. Each student receives two sets of commercial copy. We will critique your performance, adjust your presentation, and give you your footage so you can continue to fine tune your auditioning at home.