What’s My Type?

Marketing yourself the right way.

 “A ‘type’ is not a curse. It’s taking who you are and animating it, pushing it, knowing yourself.”
                                                                                                                                      — Laura Rosenthal

“What’s my type?” — our most frequently asked question.

The answer is not as simple as you may think. Being a “type” is more about being a prepared and savvy actor rather than powerless to what you believe people want from you.

This special, intensive session (exclusively for LAB Alums) is designed to give you a new point of view into yourself. We will fine tune your presentation in the audition room so that you are conveying the right information about yourself. Having an awareness of who you are in an audition room will help you focus on your role in the business and get you more work.

In this LAB:

1. Before the LAB we give each student specific homework assignments so that everyone arrives ready to spark discussion and get moving. Students provide their head shots, and we cast each one with sides closest to their “type.”

2. Next we check out how you are perceived online. Can a casting director search and find you? Are your demo and Web Site doing you justice? What happens when a casting director searches for you?

3. Now that you know your type, how do you take that information and use it to your advantage? We’ll discuss finding your niche, gaining contacts, searching for the right representation, and expanding your career in the business.

Please note: We require that participants have already taken TV/FILM Experience.