Since completing the LAB with Laura Rosenthal and Maribeth Fox I have had a 80% callback ratio. I gained confidence in my approach to the audition room through understanding the wrongs and rights of the audition process. This class is vital for anyone planning on taking their acting to the next level.

Adam Senn

The LAB was the best introduction to the industry I could hope for beginning my first pilot season.  Through the week I learned how to go into auditions with confidence and coolness, and it's all a testament to the wonderful workings of you two sexy mamas, Maribeth and Laura. You taught me how to deal with problems that can (and did) arise in the room, and how to mold the audition in a way that made me the one in charge.  Through this class I went leaps and bounds, and it also led to a screen test!  You gals rock so hard!  Thanks so much!

Jon Bass

For the past decade, Laura Rosenthal has become an essential creative partner in the films I've made. Her intuitive insight into the alchemy of performance, combined with her astute knowledge and experience in her craft, make her a seminal figure in today's independent cinema. I have no doubt her workshops would be invaluable to any working actor.

Todd Haynes

I had an audition for Law & Order last week that and I was reflecting this weekend on what a difference your class made.  I felt confident in my choices and audition and I was able to have a strong read in the first take.  Most exciting though - I had a wonderful time.  It was fun to work on and I was happy to be in the room.  So, I felt compelled to write you again and thank you again for such fabulous and personal advice.

Anna Kull

I love working with Laura. She has great instincts about actors and I trust her taste and judgment implicitly. She sees the potential in people and knows how to nurture it –and, with all the inherent frustrations of the business, she still finds joy in the process. She's absolutely committed, in the fullest sense of the word.

Alison Maclean

my first tv audition since taking your LAB and ive got a producer session at NBC tomorrow.  love you gals

Perry Silver

So many good things were gained from these last two days.  Thank you for inviting me.  It was 1 of the best workshop hours i've experienced along my journey.  I'm literally smiling as i'm typing this!  I look forward to my next audition with the added confidence, and tools I've gained from my time with you both.

Aaron Walker

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